Monday, December 16, 2013

Low-fat Vegetable Split Pea Soup: the ultimate comfort food

I hate to be repeating myself, but the need need to open this blog with a big thank you to the Kosher Connection monthly link up. For the past few months, I have been blogging once a month only for this link-up.  I hope to start getting back to at least once every two weeks and ideally to once or twice weekly but in the mean time THANK YOU Kosher Connection!  Briefly, for those who don't remember, not familiar, or new to this blog, Kosher Connection is a bunch of Kosher bloggers from around the world who once a month "link up" and post a recipe based on that month's theme.  This month the theme is comfort food.

Here in Israel we are now in the aftermath of the country's biggest snow and rain storm in 20 years.  13,000 homes are still without electricity.  Public transportation is just starting to go back to normal in Jerusalem (I hope!), schools in Jerusalem and other places are still closed. So what is the best comfort food in this situation? Obviously,soup! If we were dealing with the area of comfort drinks, then this column might be on Hot Cocoa but I'm also not 100 % sure how I would overcome the low fat, low sugar issue with that one...

Back to the soup.  Years ago, in the mid 1990's when not everybody had computers (yes, there was such a time), and all we had was a laptop and a dial-up connection, I joined an email group called the Jewish-Food mailing list which also gave birth to a site containing all the recipes collected from the group.  My soup recipe for you today is loosely based on a recipe posted by a woman named Linda Shapiro who submitted a recipe for vegetable split-pea soup from The Low-Fat Good Food Cookbook.

Here is the recipe:

Low-Fat Vegetable Split Pea Soup


1 pound (500g) dried split peas
2 1/2 quarts (10 cups) water
1-1 1/2 cups chopped onion
1 cup chopped or sliced carrots
1 large or two small sweet potatoes (or 3 med. regular potatoes) chopped into large chunks
2 tsp salt
1/8 tsp ground black pepper


Rinse the peas and combine with water. Bring to a boil and then reduce the heat and let simmer for one hour, stirring every 15 minutes.
Add two more cups of water, the vegetables, salt and pepper and other seasonings if desired.
Return to a boil and then reduce heat again and simmer another time, stirring every 15 minutes.
The soup is done when the peas are creamy, the vegetables are soft but hold their shape and the soup is thick but not stiff ( I find that this soup comes out thinner than most pea soups).

B'Teavon! Enjoy!


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